16 Eylül 2014 Salı

A sensitive programmer

A sensitive programmer says:
Yesterday, my friend said to me, "You have not  written even a poem since you had been a programmer".
It seems, He might not have heard the Wordpress's slogan: "Code is poetry".
However, I hope, he will be able to read these in below..
"You know at any time that we write our codes in our heads!
Our bosses assume that we waste our times lookin around all a day.
Therefore, a programmer writes his own codes in his mind before He prouds to the lines!
You will not know that we hear a pains of child-birth from a black screen that resembles a venter before the birth of a project."
In contrast to what you believe that the programmers are not sensitive men- not even for the deadlines, however some are very sensitive men! I can say this at least for myself.

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