23 Ağustos 2014 Cumartesi

A familiar story : to change all habits after Microsoft buy a company!

Nowadays you can see many topics in Skype forums that complain about not being  able to connect to Skype services by previous versions. I am also in them! Unfortunately I cannot connect to Skype by old version. before Microsoft had bought Skype, there is no problem about versions. I could connect with an old version perfectly.

In fact, merging of Microsoft  and Skype Accounts were exciting; but at continuation, insisting of Microsoft about  its style caused
There are two ways to use Skype for people who have an old version of Skype.
Either upgarede their program to new version or to use Skype on the web (through Outlook.com, Live.com or other Microsoft mail services` url)
I think, the own style of Skype will be  damaged due to its basis.

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