23 Ağustos 2014 Cumartesi

Are the forums living?

Until I had seen the Tapatalk, I really believed that the forums were dead! It changed my all opinion about this. Because I think that the forums were used out of  their goals. 

They are full of  spams, illegal sharings, childish competitions. Most of  them prevent real  sharing due to ranking; They keep their content against to non-member researcher. You may not believe but they prevented to see forum messages, attachments without writing a reply. It is not fair, but real! So that, Their popularity was decreasing gradually.
While I think that, a day I met the Tapatalk's name at the people's signatures on forum messages in a Cycling Forum. I did not  give a meaning at first. After, I had seen on the Google Play Store; I understood by reading its usage in  its description on the Google Play Store and downloaded it immediately.

I added many interest forum for  my bookmark. Through of them search box, you can reach many forums and add it. It supports messaging and informs you when a message arrives your message box!
It is really useful to join discussions; to share opinions with others when you are moving!
I suggest it to  all :)

Without forgetting I should say many thanks to my dear teacher Murat Ulubay.

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