21 Ağustos 2014 Perşembe

Online Office Tools

I wish online office tools to be more developed. They already have had many useful abilities.  The office applications  on the clouds supports many thing that you can on  usual office applications without you must cost extra times to save your documents.

No need to think about various device. Because, they support almost all platform and devices for now. You can access your office materials from everywhere. You can edit, add new things into your office documents. While you  write a document on your PC, then you can check or change it on your mobile device when walking, going to anywhere.
Collaborating is also plus property to choose online office products. You can work together anyone where is placed in anywhere in the world. You can see  their changes and they too! The system marks each person by different colors. You can follow moves on the document by these colors.  During  work, even you can chat.
There are two popular product that are choosen mostly. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive (also known as SkyDrive). The Microsoft seems to have transferred his experiences to  OneDrive. Because many office functionalities that come similiar to us, can be found on OneDrive. So that, Google Drive is  a litle weak according to OneDrive.. 
In addition; due to support of Open Document Format; you can search that you ask in your office documents.

Finally, I would like to  take your care to this point: both platforms support great export and sharing tools. You can export your documents to PDF or to one among to office formats.

Limited versions of both are free. You can select the one that you like  in  above.

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