22 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Which Libraries Should you use for Grid or other needs?

We had tried many tools to  solve our presentation needs (reports, grids, user controls and others) in our  application.
Certainly there are several tools that claim that they are qualified to solve  your needs. Choosing the one of them is really difficult.
There are  few ways  that can help you when you must select one.

a) Community Factor
Sometimes anyone who is from community (forum or mailing list) may give  quickest answer than company authorities..

b) Is it well documented?
It is very important; because you may reach solution without to consult to company again and again.

Almost all companies do not agree to establish remote connection with you to inpect your complex project when you need. They suggest you to upload  all project on a platform that can  emulate it. It is not  efficient, it is impossible due to few situations. Sometimes you do not want to upload your entire project on another place or your company's principles may deny it.

We are now using Jqwidgets tools. It is a comprehensive and well documented  library. It also has a power community. You can take a quick answer in it's forum. It contains very useful tools: Grids, rich HTML elements, calendars, tabs, containers, splitters and more.. It is compatible with many major browsers and appliances. It also provide  integration with  common Javascript Libraries such as Knockout, AngularJS..
I often check Jqwidgets's roadmap and I am already wondering to use Scheduler Tools.

I hope, when you know it, you don't hesitate to use  Jqwidgets Library.

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