29 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Is the smail possible still?

The Smail stands for the Snail Mail.
Many people may know its meaning. It means writing a mail using a letter and an envelope and delivering by a postman.

I must say, unfortunately, it is ending, also we can say that it had ended  for a while ago!
Neither adults nor youngs choose it..

In fact, although our more developed communications techniques, except snail mail (in other words of Letter) there is no way that you are able to  show your characteristic by,   when you  contact with one.

Yes, I agree that it is harder than other but more human and warm.
The people contacted each other using snail mail along the centuries.
Many diplomatic relations had established by it; many loves also had been told. Many famous writer had shared their works by it before they had been published.

Even today,  most valuable  things among the historical documents for presenting in the museums  are the letters that belong to politicans, writers, kings, poets or others.

Even todays's people don't choice it; But the letters are valuable only for the historians, the art historians and certainly the  lovers.

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