1 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

A few forgotten things of the internet life.

There are some things may sound like prehistoric notion to the most of the youngs.
Today's youth have had many oportunities effortlessly. 
For example, the  dial up connection voice, they have never heard,  comes weird for them.
When they hear it; they may think an emergency situation have been being. 
ICQ Numbers  were more valuable than citizen numbers at one time. However now, it comes to the youngs like encrypted information belongs to the past.

When I had bought a hard disk that has  3.2 gb capability; my friend  asked amazingly:
"How can you do full it?"

Text based communication and irc channel is also  imagined as a cave. Whenever the system switches to the dark console screen due to any reason, then the youngs are in a lather!
The aboves are not for the end user only; Karl Olsberg - writer of Das System  that tells a dystopia about intelligent system that wars against to all people for surviving -  also mentions same things as a problem which belongs to software programmer. Because many of them use more developed toys to develop system without knowing the deep of the system. Many of them write codes by drag and drop action.

In fact, All of us should need to know the past of the today's technologies and have a comprehensive view...

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