3 Eylül 2014 Çarşamba

Be nullity

Stopping and thinking is  required during the life.
What will we be done ultimately?
Do the things worth really to struggle?
A Bektashi story reminds the  answer of its to me humourously.

I tell the story for who asks to listen!

Once upon a time a Bektashi had sat a chair and had been smoking a water pipe at the coffe...  Just then a governor had been entering to  the coffe. Everyone stood up except Bektashi. The governer stared at the Bektashi..
- "Why did not you stand up?"
- Why Should I have stood up?
- Because, I am a governer!
Bektashi thought and asked,
- So, you are a governer, then what will you be later?
- May be a vizier!

Bektashi replied smiling
- And then?
- May be a Sultan!
Bektashi asked again smiling
- And then?

The governer thought for a while and answered
-Be nullity!

Bektashi answered :
- I am already nullity..

As you can see, some hurtful truths can be told only using humor.

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