7 Eylül 2014 Pazar

The patience is the trick of the trickless man

There come like a tautological assertion. I decided to use  especially this adjective  instead of the  "honest" word.
Why? I want to reference to recursiving by way. We programmers usually use and love recursive prosedures, so  it is familiar to us. But, it is not related properly to the subject.
The second reason is tautological sentences can make it easier to understand and keep in  mind. This is very important thing for a advice.

I think this is a hadith. (The hadith's meaning is rumor in the İslamic terminology. These are assumed as they belong to Muhammed prophet.) This hadith contains many truths in itself. In fact, self-controlling, stress management,  not making a snap decision save us against to many risks and problems not needing anything else.
The patience makes us stronger and more robust although power attacks.
The patience is the choosing the language else from theirs to communicate with them.
The patience is the quiet that shouts out  the power.
The patience  is the trick of the trickless man.

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