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The reasons why you should bring email usage habit to your company.

I am going to tell shortly..
Many of my friends discuss their colleagues everyday. They have work overload. So they cannot work effectively due to answer all incoming telephone calls. They have to memorize all issues that told on  foot!
I was a one too, until I had made a mailing revolution in my old company. Almost everyday I tried to hard to manage work list and answer to all calls. My old company had had 70 suboffice and estimately 1.000 workers. When a problem occurs, each suboffice calls me to ask "what happened?". If I were to spend to reply each call; I waste 70 minutes instead of solving  problem happened! It was a big problem and today is still for someones!

I solved these problem making radical decisions.
I did not any answer to their requests, until they inform via email. And I told it to them! For a while they were opposition to me! But I continued to go throughout my decision. They had to agree my rules :)

I defined few labels in my mailbox to manage it regularly. When a mail arrives my mailbox, the system marks it as "Will replied" . So that, I had made a work list. Whenever I would fix it, I marked it "Solved!"

Additionally, when all your communication goes on the mails, you can save yourself when somethings goes wrong and  these are made wrongly. ( It means Blame in the terminology. You can see for more details, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blame) Because the mails contain questions and needs exactly; those explain what and how you do it. You can solve their problems through the mails content!

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stulta dedi ki...

You might compare email with systems that are designed to support task management, such as Asana.

zyhn dedi ki...

Stulta, many thanks for your interest. I surely will explain Asana and I hope i will be able to write an article about this. Thanks again.